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Combat Science’s mission

is to study and foster understanding of the Filipino culture through the dedicated practice of its native martial arts (FMA, or Arnis/Kali/Escrima). Combat Science aims to teach people from all walks of life and to expand their appreciation for physical fitness, in addition to developing their skill and capability in personal safety and self-defense techniques. Since its inception in 2003, Combat Science has proudly assisted numerous women’s shelters, schools, special interest and community groups whose members have benefited significantly from their exposure to Filipino Martial arts and culture.

Our prime focus

is on health, wellness and education. Combat Science’s core curriculum includes intensive training in: skill building (personal safety/self defense, traditional forms, impact and edged weapons, and hand to hand combat); cardiovascular development, strength enhancement, flexibility and agility; and Filipino culture and heritage.

Why Train With Weapons First?

While most other martial arts begin to teach the use of weapons only after years of unarmed training, students of Arnis learn to use weaponry first. The Arnis philosophy is that the same technique can be performed with any weapon — including stick, knife, sword (bolo), rope, or empty-handed — and that this connection among the various weapons and unarmed combat is best taught by introducing weapons at the very beginning. Traditionally, weapons were considered to be merely extensions of the fighter’s hands, a perspective that guides us in the practice of Arnis to this day.


is a complete martial arts system that does not focus exclusively on unarmed techniques (as in Judo, or Muay Thai), weapons techniques (as in Iaido or Kendo), striking techniques (as in Karate or Boxing), or grappling techniques (as in Judo or Brazillian Jiu-jitsu). Rather, Arnis integrates all of these. Students are taught to use any weapon that is available, regardless of shape or size, or else to fight empty-handed — they should be equally skilled with and without weapons. Arnis covers all ranges of combat: long range (with feet, stick, or rope), medium range (with hands, feet or stick), and close range (with elbows, knees, stick or knife). It also includes wrestling (grappling) techniques, wrenches, takedowns, sweeps, throws, joint-locks, and pressure point strikes. Because of this versatility, Arnis can be seamlessly integrated with many other martial arts.