About Us

Grandmaster Laura Armstrong

Grandmaster Laura Armstrong Founder of Combat Science in Toronto, has been training and teaching for over 25 years. Her career began in the study of Aikido, the Japanese art of self-defense, and rapidly expanded to include the ‘hand-to-hand’ and weapons systems offered in the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). Laura specializes in impact and edged weapons, and is trained in various aspects of hand-to-hand combat, including some systems and styles of Arnis that are only taught in the Philippines. She was promoted to the rank of Grandmaster by the Kali Arnis International Federation in July of 2016. In addition to studying extensively with world recognized Masters and Grandmasters in the Philippines and North America, Laura has successfully competed in international events including advanced combat (Sport Escrima) and fighting forms (Anyo).

Grandmaster Armstrong’s teaching and training continues to change and grow, challenging not only herself but her students in a positive way. Arnis’ unique style and “completeness” keeps the drive to learn and pursue this extensive martial art at the forefront of her training.

Grandmaster Armstrong is an instructor in the FMA, as well as a 4th Dan black belt in Aikido. She regularly conducts self-defense, arnis/kali/escrima workshops and demonstrations internationally for students of all levels and abilities, and is an active member within the National Woman’s Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF), the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors (AWMAI), the Canadian Aikido Federation (CAF) and the Ontario Aikido Federation (OAF). She is also a certified Reiki Master, and licensed holistic practitioner.

Punong Guro (Head Instructor) JB Ramos

Punong Guro JB Ramos (Head Instructor) is the main instructor at Combat Science: Warrior Arts of Asia. Has been studying the martial arts for almost 20 years in Japanese and Korean martial arts, but, most specifically the Filipino Martial Arts under the tutelage of Grandmaster Laura Holmes since 2003.

In addition to studying with world recognized Masters and Grandmasters in the Philippines, Punong Guro Ramos has successfully competed in several international events including advanced combat sport eskrima.

Punong Guro Ramos finds teaching very rewarding and is eager to share knowledge of the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) with students and encourages them to explore the many aspects offered by this complete martial art. With Punong Guro Ramos’ easy going, energetic and open teaching style, it allows students to learn at their own pace, while getting fit and having fun.

Punong Guro Ramos regularly promotes the Filipino Martial Arts through demonstrations, workshops and Self-defense programs through an inclusive, community-based, and holistic approach. Asides from teaching, Punong Guro Ramos is also a certified Use-Of-Force and Self-defense instructor, writer, a student of traditional healing arts from the Philippines and a NWS (Nutrition Wellness Specialist).