Self Defense

Self Defense and Personal Safety Program

Have you ever felt you wanted to learn how to defend yourself, feel safer and set your boundaries without having to commit to years of training in a martial art? Have you ever just wanted to learn self defense and personal safety skills but didn’t want to have to deal with long term lessons and classes? Or are you just interested in getting fit, having fun and learning how to and protect yourself? Well if you said yes to any of the previous questions then the Combat Science Self Defense and Personal Safety Program is for you!!!

Whether you are interested in learning by yourself, with a couple of friends or with a group of people, our self defense and personal safety programs are geared towards your needs. We also offer corporate and special group programs that are customized towards the focus and goals of each group and each course can be an excellent team building project.

Offering the opportunity for all participants to acquire skills used in everyday life to create a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle focused on a positive outlook is our commitment to you. The skills and techniques used in our courses are designed to be easy-to-use, easy-to-remember as well as easy to apply if the situation arises.

Standard course curriculums offered are in one and two hour sessions, a four week/one hour session, a weekend intensive, and a six week/one and half hour course. These courses are designed to offer different levels of self defense and personal safety training and each is complete and comprehensive on its own.

All courses contain a core curriculum which focuses on using your voice as a means to set boundaries and create space, basic grabs and how to release from different holds using the different parts of your body as striking points, distractions and how you can use them to your advantage, everyday items and how they can be used to protect us, and putting it all together and creating a safe space. Depending on the course chosen there are other components added to the sessions to enhance your skill and knowledge base as you learn.

Isn’t it time for you to empower yourself and those you know? You bet it is – and what better way than through our comprehensive self defense and personal safety courses. Contact us today to set up your next session and be safe!!!